Assets Under Management

Responsible for managing over $700,000 on behalf of the University of Michigan’s endowment

Action-Based Learning

Our platform allows MBA and BBA students to apply the concepts of asset valuation, equity research and portfolio management in the real world

Pathway to Wall Street

Our alumni remain actively engaged with the Fund, connecting members with successful financial service professionals


Maize and Blue Endowment Fund

Managing the Maize and Blue Fund is an opportunity for students to develop action-based investing skills by assisting in managing a long equity portfolio that is a part of the University of Michigan Endowment. Students typically spend at least two years involved in the management of the fund, working in teams to evaluate current holdings and propose investments to add to the fund.

Fund Membership

Fund membership is highly selective, enabling members to work with other talented and highly-motivated students in an environment similar to an investment firm.

Upon admission into the Fund, new members will partake in a series of training sessions on key concepts in equity research, financial modeling and valuation, and portfolio management. Fund members will become fluent in technical tools such as FactSet and Bloomberg.

The Fund is organized in to 3-4 person pitch teams led by a Senior Analyst. These teams will be responsible for sourcing and pitching equity investment opportunities and monitoring ongoing investments.

Investment Style
The Fund focuses its efforts on identifying undervalued US equity securities for long-term investment by leveraging industry research, financial statement analysis and valuation analyses, including discounted cash flow modeling, comparable companies and precedent transactions. The Fund uses the S&P MidCap 400 Index as a performance benchmark, giving the Fund an inherent bias towards investment in public companies with a market capitalization between $2 and $10 billion.